I am a Scottish designer, developer, and creative generalist. I want the web to be well-written, fast and accessible. It should look good too, but that other stuff comes first…

— Digital designer at Hampton.

— Co-founder and digital designer at Tide Studio.
— Designer and front-end developer at DEER/digital; the origin story of GatherContent.
— Co-founder of Papertank, with the inimitable Chris and Liam.
— BDes Hons in Design from Gray's School of Art.
— BA Digital Art with distinction from UWS.

You can also find me on LinkedIn, if you like that sort of thing…


Liam Rutherford
Digital designer and developer

"It’s hard enough finding a designer that can give you three ways to centre an element using css, or a developer that can see the type tracking should be 0.5rem instead of 0.6. But to find someone that does both well, with care and attention whilst making sure the ‘I’s’ are dotted and the ’T’s’ crossed, Jo is something of a rarity. I can’t recommend her enough – an asset to any team."

Rebecca Taylor
Marketing Manager at GatherContent

"Jo is a rare talent, combining design with dev. Whilst her work speaks for itself, she is more than just what you see in a portfolio. Jo directly contributed to the process we work to, encouraging the business to evolve with the industry. Jo is a force to be reckoned with."

Billy Fagan
Freelance web developer

“Jo is a brilliant designer who is consistently ahead of the game with her knowledge of web technologies and practices. Her "toolkit" for development is amazing. Things that would take me hours to do (badly) she can knock out in a fraction of the time to scarily high standard. There are no hacks or workarounds in Jo's work as she insists on accuracy and observing standards at all times. Her work is professional as is her manner. I have learned far more as a direct result of working with Jo than I could have ever hoped for and will be able to apply this knowledge for years to come. Jo has been a great friend at work, always willing to share her knowledge for the betterment of the design, the styling and in fact the team as a whole. Any team that does not have Jo in it, is the worse for it. She is, frankly, amazing.”