Accessible Content

There are plenty of resources about writing accessible content. There are also plenty of resources about writing accessible code. But there seems to be fewer resources explaining how to get them working together.

Perhaps you are writing accessible content, but your CMS gets in the way. Which updates should you prioritise? How do you brief your developer? And can you justify the cost?

Perhaps you’ve built a website that conforms to the highest coding standards. But as the content grows, more and more errors creep in. What can you do to prevent it?

Small, straightforward fixes can improve these things. But it can be tricky to get them to the top of the todo list. Take these common examples:

  • Provide text alternatives for images and media
  • Don’t rely on colour to convey meaning
  • Check your colour contrast
  • Avoid directional language
  • Use meaningful link text
  • Check your readability
  • Avoid uppercase type
  • Bold ≠ heading

Alone they could be trivial formatting complaints or extra work (developers or content managers being fussy). Combined they can benefit all users, content managers, and the business.

How can we prioritise these fixes to push them up the priority list? Which ones give the best bang for their buck?

I don’t have all the answers yet, but I’m working on it…